Press Release

Novelties for the child’s room: New collection from Søstrene Grene

On 7 May, 2020.

The new collection of children’s interior and toys is available for sale in all Søstrene Grene’s stores from Thursday 28 May 2020.

 The new collection from Søstrene Grene includes inspiration for imaginative play on the floor and creativity at children’s level. In addition, the classic velour chair is introduced in a new,
dear miniature edition.

This spring, Anna and Clara introduce a new collection of novelties for the child’s room. With the new collection the two sisters wish to inspire the creation of a joyous children’s universe in which the decor encourages play, creativity and ‘hygge’.

The novelties are ideal for decorating children’s rooms with space for imaginative play on the floor, creative contemplation, soft ‘hygge’ corners and practical and decorative storage.
The collection also holds an inspiring range of wooden toys, carefully chosen for its sustainable origin and the durable nature of the FSC®-certified wood.

Experience, among other things, lovely storage baskets, adorable decorative figurines of wood and paper as well as origami lampshades with colourful motifs. Like several of the other novelties, these are inspired by the calm colours of the ocean and the many animals and plants which are found below the surface of the water.