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Every year, Søstrene Grene presents several collections and seasonal themes. The image bank is updated continuously along the news. We would like to call attention to the fact, that each image bank might have restrictions regarding publication. If so, it will be evident in the top of each image bank.

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Colourful news: Add a dash of colour to your home

Bring more colours into your home with a brand-new selection of interior and practical storage solutions that decorate and invite you to play with beautiful colours and shapes in the décor. Experience the many news that includes everything from colourful light sources to small wire furniture, candleholders, pretty posters, and lovely interior details to create a cosy makeup corner. The novelties will be available in stores and online from Thursday 4 April 2024*.

News for the garden and summer cottage: Create your own haven indoors and outdoors

The bright days serve as a reminder that summer is on its way. Get inspired to merge indoor and outdoor living, blending the two worlds together this season with Søstrene Grene's upcoming news for the garden and summer cottage. Explore the news that include soft textiles, lovely home décor, LED lanterns, ceramics and flowerpots and the most beautiful, lifelike artificial flowers that all invite you to create your own haven in the summer cottage as well as under the open sky on the terrace, balcony, and in the garden. The novelties will be available in stores and online from Thursday 21 March 2024.

Spring feelings: Get ready for a new season

With warmer and brighter times just around the corner, it is time to prepare your outdoor space for the cosy moments of summer. Welcome the new outdoor season in the garden, on the balcony, or the terrace with pretty flowerpots as well as practical tools, storage, and a new aesthetic plant support stick for spring sprouts. In the image bank, you will find the many novelties that will be available online and in stores on 8 February, as well as lovely inspirational images for outdoor living.

Easter at Søstrene Grene: Find inspiration for Easter decorations and create a miniature Easter world

Easter is the celebration of spring – and at Søstrene Grene, no celebration goes unnoticed. After a long winter, spending Easter with cosy social gatherings with your loved ones and creative moments making homemade Easter decorations can be quite liberating. For this, Søstrene Grene will as per usual serve a wealth of decorations, hobby items, and lots of inspiring content for an enchanting Easter season. Easter of 2024 in Søstrene Grene includes an abundance of new products such as Easter garlands, beaded Easter ornaments and an Easter egg with LED light along with a miniature Easter world – not unlike the popular miniature products for Christmas elves – now for the Easter chick. Add lovely vases in coloured glass, ceramic figurines and candles to this, and your Easter table setting is guaranteed to shine.

Image bank: Søstrene Grene’s 2024 spring collection ‘Moments’

Colour block ceramics, new posters and one of the biggest current trends – chrome – in the shape of both shelves, jug, and the frame of a lounge chair in a brand-new duvet-inspired design. Explore the image bank and get a preview of Søstrene Grene’s 2024 spring collection, Moments, which will be launched in stores and online on 1 February 2024. The collection offers a wealth of new items for both beautiful table setting, the quirky and unique gallery wall along with décor and small furniture for the entire home. 

Accessories for the new season: See the novelties from Søstrene Grene

A new year and a new season are approaching; thus, Søstrene Grene has gathered the coming season’s lovely new colours, shapes, materials, and expressions in a series of novelties launching in all stores and online on Thursday 7th December. With the seasonal novelties, the winter and spring can easily be met in a fresh and fashionable way. Discover the selection which includes warm and soft styles for the cold days of winter as well as beautiful accessories for the bright spring days. Amongst the novelties you can find bags, socks, bracelets, glasses, and different hair accessories all in the spring’s lovely and bright colours.

Three ideas for styling your New Year’s party

Make the New Year's party something special - the table setting is half the party. Set the stage for a festive evening and step into the new year in fresh and colorful surroundings. On December 21, 2023, Søstrene Grene welcomes the new year with everything you need for the New Year's party - and you can already find the news online. Be inspired by the three New Year trends: fresh pink with a sprinkle of gold, a natural New Year in aesthetic green, or a starry sky of bluish tones and sparkling silver. Among the news, you will find colorful pink garlands dancing along the walls, sparkling gold decorations hanging from the ceiling, beautiful tablecloths in soft shades, lovely glassware with a touch of green, and large rosettes in cool tones, as well as iconic New Year rockets and sparklers in fabric and beads that match the different New Year trends. On Søstrene Grene's website, you can easily and conveniently shop the look for the New Year's party you dream of. The shown products in this image bank are all available online right now and in stores from Thursday, December 21, 2023. The items are available for sale as long as supplies last.

Christmas Gift Wrapping at Søstrene Grene

With Christmas just around the corner, there are many wonderful gifts to be wrapped and adorned with beautiful, colorful textiles and lovely prints. Among the latest news from Søstrene Grene, you'll find a wealth of different gift wrappings and decorations that will make the Christmas presents shine under the Christmas tree. Here is a wide, colorful selection of fabric and satin ribbons, reusable gift bags with self-adhesive closures, as well as fabric gift wrappings and bags that Søstrene Grene encourages the recipient to reuse. Bring joy to the lucky recipient with your own personal touch on the Christmas gifts. Create your unique expression with Søstrene's fine gift tags, ornaments for the gifts, and printed decorations with seals. Additionally, the news naturally includes a large assortment of gift wrap in cute Christmas colors and prints. All of Søstrene Grene's gift wrap is produced in Europe and is FSC® certified. The products will be available for sale from Thursday 30 November 2023.

Get ready for Christmas with Søstrene Grene’s Christmas gift ideas for children

The two sisters Anna and Clara are fond of creating inspiration and they gladly share their many ideas. On November 23, 2023, Søstrene Grene launches a selection brimming with sweet Christmas wishes for children where children and adults alike can find inspiration for this year’s Christmas gifts. Let the imagination run wild and explore all the sweet and soft dolls and teddy bears which, through the imaginative eyes of a child, can come to life and make up the most wonderful company. The upcoming series of Christmas gifts for children also includes a variety of toy cars, projector torches, yo-yos, and classical musical instruments that can contribute splendid play and entertainment. Furthermore, as an input to the little creative ones, the selection offers a range of stationery, hobby tools, and puzzles. Be inspired for Christmas gifts that will bring joy in this image bank.

Affordable ideas for this year’s Christmas gifts from Søstrene Grene

Affordable ideas for this year’s Christmas gifts from Søstrene Grene Get inspired for this year’s Christmas gifts that will bring joy well into the new year. On 23 November 2023, Søstrene Grene launches a selection of appealing and affordable Christmas gift ideas for you and your loved ones. The selection offers a range of desirable home décor for decorating all the different rooms of the home. Explore, among other things, various decorative bowls, practical jewellery boxes, charming candleholders, unique lamps, delightful tableware, and beautiful vases that all together can create a fresh and contemporary expression in the home. The upcoming novelties will be available in many different materials and styles, all characterised by beautiful colours ranging from warm reddish tones to chilly pistachio green, light blue, and lavender. Dive into the selection of affordable Christmas gifts in this image bank.

Cozy gatherings – Everything you will need for setting a magical Christmas table at Søstrene Grene

When we gather with our loved ones and family in the sweet Christmas season, the Christmas table is truly the heart of cozy get-togethers. On 16th November 2023, Søstrene Grene launches everything you will need to set a wonderful Christmas table down to the smallest details. Get inspired to set a magical Christmas table with the sisters' elegant Christmas dinnerware, textiles in classic Christmas colours, and table decorations featuring nostalgic Christmas motifs. Explore the Christmas novelties with modern colours that can be used for a spectacular New Year's celebration as well as throughout the year. In this series of novelties, you are invited to the sisters' Christmas gathering, where Christmas tablecloths and runners adorn the table with matching cloth napkins, where sweet and savory Christmas treats are served on elegant platters, and where drinks are poured into beautiful ribbed glasses. The products will be available for sale from Thursday 16th November 2023.

Christmas magic in every detail – decorating the Christmas tree with Søstrene Grene

Christmas decorations adorn the sisters' home, where the Christmas magic is found in the smallest details. On November 9th, Søstrene Grene launches a wealth of new Christmas ornaments for the beloved tradition of decorating the Christmas tree. This year, Søstrene Grene introduces sparkling and whimsical decorations and ornaments that can add a personal touch to the Christmas tree. When the Christmas tree is radiating in the light, the sisters invite you to explore the series of novelties, offering traditional Christmas decorations with a touch of modernity. Get inspired by glittering glass Christmas baubles and baubles of patterned paper, new fabric ornaments featuring classic Christmas motifs, and tree toppers that will shine from the top of the Christmas tree. The products will be available for sale from Thursday 9 November 2023.

The sweet Christmas time – everything you need for your Christmas Baking 2023

When Christmas is approaching, the days become sweeter, as everyone gathers in the kitchen for Christmas baking, children, and adults alike. On 26th October 2023, Søstrene Grene launches a taste of Christmas with everything you need for your holiday baking. Explore the sisters’ tools for creating all sorts of sweet treats, as well as storage and serving items to enjoy these delicacies throughout the entire holiday season. Get inspired to embark on new sweet adventures with the new baking and chocolate moulds and find beautiful and traditional baking utensils for creating your culinary masterpieces. Among the novelties, you will find kitchen towels, potholders, and cookie tins in beautiful Christmas patterns that are both practical and decorative in your kitchen. And when it is time to serve your treats to your loved ones, you will naturally find elegant plates for Christmas goodies and lovely Christmas mugs for both children and adults.

Christmas gift-wrapping and advent calendar gifts at Søstrene Grene 2023

Christmas is approaching and the advent gifts are ready to be wrapped. Søstrene Grene have gathered all you need for beautiful gift-wrapping. The selection also brings small and cosy gifts, perfect for the homemade advent calendar. Søstrene Grene also offers a wide selection of reusable gift-wrapping items such as fabric gift bags and gift-wrap, paper gift bags with ribbon, or self-adhesive closures, making it easy for the receiver to reuse the gift-wrapping afterwards. Furthermore, Søstrene Grene offers a wide selection of fabric and satin ribbon which the sisters make a virtue of encouraging the receiver to reuse. True to tradition, Christmas at Søstrene Grene also includes a large selection of gift-wrapping paper in cute Christmas colours and prints. All Søstrene Grene’s gift-wrapping paper is produced in Europe and is also FSC®-certified. By choosing FSC®-certified products, you help take care of the world’s forests.

Decorate with details inspired by Japanese minimalism

Add a splash of Japanese inspired playfulness and minimalism to your table-setting and home. Søstrene Grene has here gathered everything for an inviting table where children and adults alike can come together and enjoy delicious meals. Find charming chop sticks – including chop sticks with grips for the smallest hands – with even more charming chop stick holders, fun fish plates and wall hangings along a range of minimalist mugs and bowls.

50 years of merry moments: Christmas at Søstrene Grene 2023

For 50 years, Anna and Clara have spread Christmas joy in homes all over the world. This year we celebrate and thank all of you for sharing your Christmas with us. Explore a selection of this year's Christmas novelties from Søstrene Grene, which, in keeping with tradition, offer everything from Christmas decorations and ornaments to gift wrapping and baubles. Just like every year, new Christmas items arrive at Søstrene Grene every week from mid-October, November, and early December. Follow along here on the press site, where we will continuously release new image banks with even more Christmas inspiration and magic. Dive into the first selection of this year’s Christmas novelties in this image bank, where all shown products are available from Thursday 19 October 2023.

Pretty birthday parties with Søstrene Grene

Turn moments into memories. On 17 August 2023, Søstrene Grene launches a wealth of lovely party items to be used for birthday celebrations and other festive occasions. Discover the sisters’ cute birthday train and charming figurines that can be put out on the table every time a birthday is celebrated. Little traditions make great memories, as the sisters like to say. The coming birthday series also consists of party decorations of all sorts, from pom-poms to garlands, candleholders to candle plates, as well as a large range of gift-wrapping items in new, lovely colours. Explore gift bags, boxes, ribbon, cards and the sisters’ popular gift bags with self-adhesive closure that can be used again and again. The birthday launch is part of Søstrene Grene’s 50-year anniversary celebration. Thus, this year we celebrate that Søstrene Grene for the past 50 years has helped spark joy at birthdays and other festive celebrations. Thank you for 50 years of joyful moments. Learn more in the image bank.

Move in or make changes with Søstrene Grene’s new range

Decorating a new home opens a whole world of possibilities, but redecorating your current home can be almost equally as refreshing. Søstrene Grene here presents a range of products for decorating, organising, and tidying up your new or current home. Keep all your bits and bobs in order with the...

50-year anniversary collection: A world to explore

This year, Søstrene Grene celebrates its 50th anniversary, and this is marked with an anniversary collection that pays tribute to the family business's history and the two adventurous sisters Anna and Clara. The collection offers a combination of nostalgic classics and product novelties following the current trends, including a brand-new range of interior items made of glass, stoneware, marble, and ceramics, colourful side tables, wall shelves in stained wood, and, for the first time, a series of embroidered textiles. The products will be available for sale from Thursday 31 August 2023. Get a preview of the anniversary collection in this image bank.

Image bank: Travel essentials from Søstrene Grene

Get ready for summer getaways with Søstrene Grene. In this selection, you will find essentials for small getaways and longer trips. Discover a range of bags, tote bags, and pretty and practical purses for storing all your bits and bobs on the go. The products will be available for sale from Thursday 1  June 2023.

Preview: Christmas at Søstrene Grene 2023

The most wonderful time of the year lies ahead. Get a preview of some of this year’s Christmas items from Søstrene Grene as well as a wealth of creative DIY ideas to invite the joyful season to the home. Kindly note that the full Christmas 2023 imagery package is expected available during August 2023.

Image bank: Create your own jewellery without breaking the budget

Bring the jewellery studio home and gather your besties for a creative moment creating jewellery together at super-friendly prices. On Thursday 13 April, Søstrene Grene launches a series of novelties for DIY fans who like creating their own jewellery - regardless of whether you prefer the classic look with freshwater pearls and natural stone beads, or whether you are more into jewellery with high spirits in the form of fun figures and full blast of colours. The novelties include everything you need to create your own jewellery studio, including a wealth of different pearls and beads, wire, earrings, o-rings and locks, as well as a practical board with compartments and decorative stoneware bowls so you can easily keep track of the materials.

Image bank: The sisters’ base assortment for kitchen and bathroom

In this image bank, you will find a selection of the sisters’ base assortment within the categories kitchen and bathroom. Please note that the selection of colours and designs may vary, as well as there may be a varying selection from store to store and on the webshop.

Image bank: The sisters’ base assortment for hobby and stationery

In this image bank, you will find a selection of the sisters’ base assortment within the categories hobby and stationery, including, amongst other things, a selection of candles, yarn, painting supplies, party items and picture frames. Please note that the selection of colours and designs may vary, as well as there may be a varying selection from store to store and on the webshop.