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A New Season – Harmony and sensuous calm characterise the coming season in Søstrene Grene

On 26 November, 2020.

Thursday 10 December, Søstrene Grene launches a new collection in which the sisters present their ideas for the coming season’s expression. The collection offers among others interior and textiles that invite for calm, ‘hygge’ and wellness, colourful accessories as well as inspiring elements for an ever-changing home.

A new season is approaching, and Anna and Clara have created a collection with messages of peace of mind and the joy of closeness. The collection presents natural materials, and with aesthetic calm and a touch of elegance, the sisters hereby invite you to a new season.

Discover the collection which embraces the ever-changing home as well as harmonious wellness.

The collection will be available in all Søstrene Grene stores and online from Thursday 10 December 2020. All products will be available for sale only while stocks last.

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With the new collection, Anna and Clara present a broad selection of interior which will let the feeling of peace of mind and ‘hygge’ spread throughout the home. Renew the home with vases, candleholders and twisted candles in enchanting colours, and complete the expression with a voluminous bouquet composed by the sisters’ dried flowers and grasses which can always be found in Søstrene Grene’s stores. The new collection also introduces a selection of articles for the cosy kitchen pursuits, including cutting boards, bread baskets, and textiles in calm nuances and materials.

Side table with wicker tabletop. Wood. Price per item €29.9.

With the new collection, the Grene sisters invite for harmonious moments of wellness in the bathroom with a bath series of glass in calm brown shades and soft towels in warm nuances. In the collection, you will also find the sisters’ idea of one of today’s great trends for your home: a large, round mirror in two sizes as well as baskets and other interior articles for the bathroom in natural materials.

Mirror. Available in Ø: 50 cm and Ø: 60 cm. Price per item from €19.4 to €22.6.

Add a colourful touch to life with the selection of delightful accessories consisting of brightly coloured hairclips and glitter socks. Gather toiletries, hair accessories and other kinds of items in a fluffy bag made of teddy fabric or in the more colourful version with flower print and ruffles. The elegant flower prints are introduced on both bags, toiletry bags, computer sleeves and bum bags.

Toiletry bag with flower print. Available in three designs. Price per item €6.86.


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